The organisation

The Gozo NGOs Association (in Maltese, L-Assoċjazzjoni Tal-Organizzazjonijiet Mhux Governattivi Għawdxin) serves as an umbrella organisation representing the voluntary and non-governmental organisations active in/or working from Gozo.

The Association was set up in 2003 through the initiative of the Ministry for Gozo, as part of the process leading up to the Malta’ accession to the EU.

The Association’s representative role within the Government of Malta is enshrined in the legal framework governing the structure and function of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) which includes, among its structures, the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC). The Association is also a founding member of the Gozo Action Group Foundation (GAGF) which administers and manages EU funding programmes under the Leader Programme.

To date, the Gozo NGOs Association is the only regionally based umbrella organisation in Malta and as such groups within it, and represents, organisations active in the whole spectrum of Gozitan volunteerism, such as those organisations working in the cultural, sports and philanthropic amongst other sectors.

The Association is governed by a Council composed of a maximum of eleven (11) elected to serve for a three (3) year period. The present Council will serve up to January 2022.

The Council

Mr Saviour Grech
Ms.Miriam Portelli
NGO Secretary
Mr.Adrian Formosa
Dr.Francis Abela
Mr. Francois Deniau
Mr.Joseph Refalo
Mr.Joseph Camilleri
Mr. Steve Pace
Internal ICT Coordinator

Delegation in the Gozo Regional Council

Mr Saviour Grech

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